Privacy Policy

At easy personal loans the utmost value is given to the personal information of the borrowers. For that our company has adopted various advanced safety measures for ensuring privacy of all the confidential details. Make sure before browsing our website do read the privacy policy very carefully.

The company privacy policies are as follows :

  1. The information collected by our company at the time of applying the loan such as email ID, bank details, name and so on. All this is done for getting a perfect loan deal. Moreover the information may also be used if we want the company wants to contact you regarding any matter or your information can be used further for many promotional offers but before that a prior consent would be taken by the borrower.
  2. If any borrower requires any information than he don’t have to contact us, he just browse over the company webpage and you would get answer of all your questions.
  3. While expanding our services and slightly change is done in the privacy policy of the company. Moreover if any changes are done we would immediately publish the information in our website. So keep on visiting the company website at regular intervals for knowing about the changes.
  4. Your information is only discussed with the third party only with prior consent of yours.
  5. While visiting our website don’t disclose your personal information to other advertisers that are highlighted on our website.
  6. Our company ensures a very high quality of safety measures abut we do not provide any guarantee to the borrower regarding the safety of their information as all the transactions are performed electronically so the data submitted to us is at your own risk and this is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.
  7. Our company welcome all enquires, request and comments of the borrowers regarding the privacy policy of our company.
  8. All the information provided by the borrower should be correct and valid and if anything found to be false then only you are responsible for then non availability of the funds.
  9. All the communication made with the borrower is recorded with us as evidence.

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