Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of our company are formulated to explain our services to the clients.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Our company provides the financial services by mail, internet, and phone and you may opt for anyone that is comfortable you. Also you may opt for our service by taking the help of the expert advice as we are not responsible for departing any legal and tax advice to the customers.
  2. After using the services of our company it is automatically understood that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  3. Our company acts as a mediator and our main aim is to satisfy both the parties. Our main task is to match your loan application with one of the leading financers we deal. We don’t act on the behalf of the lenders neither we represent them.
  4. We don’t offer finances or lend money as this is only in the hands of the financer to sanction the loan amount and at what interest rate moreover only he decides the repayment ability of the customers.
  5. All the communication made between us and the borrower is completely recorded for avoiding any confusion in the near future.
  6. Make sure that all the information provided to us by the borrowers should be true and accurate. And if anything found to be false or anything suspected to be fraud then the company can take legal action against it.
  7. If any borrower has to file any complaint then he may make a formal complaint and this complaint to the Customer service Department.
  8. The data protection act of the company protects the relevant information of the customers moreover the information of the customers is not used further for any other purpose without taking the consent of the borrower.
  9. The data collected by the company while filling an application form by the borrower is just to provide a suitable lender according to their financial needs.
  10. The application form available by our company is free of cost and is non obligatory forms. Moreover an individual who is not satisfied with any of our terms can easily quit the webpage at once.

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